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             General  Construction  Corp  was founded in 1985, it is an EPC innovative enterprise integrated with planning, design, fabrication and installation; it has Grade I qualification in construction EPC of building engineering, Grade I qualification in specialized contracting of steel structure projects, premium qualification in design and construction of building metal roof (wall), Grade A qualification in steel structure engineering design, Grade II qualification in specialized contracting of decoration engineering...

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            Excellent Projects

                G.M.S set up Shanghai Tongli Building Design Company Limited in 1991, and set up Shanghai General Steel Structure Plant in 2000, thus, G.M.S. has built up its general contracting power that has integrated design, manufacture and construction into one with her leadership, her team c...

            • Bell Tower
              Bell Tower

              Project name:Bell Tower Project address:new Zealand...

            •  Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN tourism re
              Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN tourism re

              Project name:Nanjing NIUSHOUSHAN tourism resort Garbhadhatu palace project Project address: Nanjing, Jiangsu Pr...

            •  Gulou bell tower main hall the
              Gulou bell tower main hall the

              Project name:Gulou bell tower main hall the temple in New Zealand Project address: New Zealand...

            •  Zhejiang Fenghua Xuedou Temple
              Zhejiang Fenghua Xuedou Temple

              Project name:Zhejiang Fenghua Xuedou Temple Project address: Fenghua, Zhejiang...

            •  Shanghai Bridge Industrial Co.
              Shanghai Bridge Industrial Co.

              Project name:Shanghai Bridge Industrial Co. Ltd. Project address: Shanghai City Project size: 100000 square met...

            • British Industry Co. Ltd. Chong
              British Industry Co. Ltd. Chong

              Project address: Chongqing City Project cost: 10 million yuan...

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